Handing Out Hope

When a crime is committed sometimes all of the victims are not truly accounted for. Yes the immediate victim is recognized and rightfully so, but the families of the perpetrator who did nothing wrong can be left behind to pick up the pieces. The Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference is designed to shine a light and offer help to those neglected families. Healthy You, Inc. is excited to host this year's conference.

The conference  idea was conceived by Mary Kay Beard, founder of the world-wide Angel Tree program, and Laure Clemons, founder of Extended Family, a support system for families of prisoners. (see Laure’s June 30, 2011 post at www.extendedfamilysupport.blogspot.com for more information). Soon an entire committee of dedicated professionals came together to create a conference structured to help families of prisoners with steps they need to take to overcome obstacles and have a better life.  The conference offers help so that families can continue their lives with knowledge and hope for a brighter future.

This conference will take place at the Dumas Wesley Community Center in Mobile, Alabama on August 22, 2015.  The conference will bring together top speakers who will share their experiences on how they overcame the adversity they faced (and in some cases still face) to help themselves and their families live a better life. For a detailed schedule please click on the Schedule Page, and if you are ready to register, please do so through our Registration Page.

Tragedy & Change